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Why Choose Our Services?

In today’s ever-evolving labour market, it has become more important than ever to take a proactive approach to career development and job search. Between company lay-offs and a steady rise of recent post-secondary graduates, people are finding it harder and harder to secure employment. Many will turn to community employment supports, and still find themselves sitting on a list, and in competition. Some will walk the streets looking for any opportunity, while others will simply give up on their dreams and aspirations. Individuals are getting frustrated and feeling defeated, but it doesn’t have to be that way.
At Geseron Employment Consulting Ltd. we know what it takes to capture the attention of the employers. We can show clients and employment support specialists how to go beyond the theories and into best practices. We specialize in helping clients who are transitioning from one career into another one, while helping them to highlight their transferable skills, experiences, and knowledge. We then help them create powerful resumes and cover letters and capitalize on building a self-promoting marketing campaign that accurately represents clients/candidates to potential employers.

With a wealth of knowledge, investing time into research and understanding the labour market, we can help clients and employment support specialists align unique value propositions with the needs and expectations of the employers hiring today; escalating what you have to offer the employers, yourself, and clients.

We also offer a wide variety of personal and professional development training and tools, including one-on-one instructor led training, e-learning, and
career exploration/personal assessments.

You can count on Geseron Employment Consulting Ltd. to motivate clients to become their best self as they transition into new careers.

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