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Job Compatibility

Are your staff or clients being considered for an accommodated role?

Are you looking to promote staff?

Are you considering retraining a client?

Are you interviewing candidates for a position among your team?

Before moving forward, let’s talking about Job Compatibility!

Job Compatibility: Service

Job Style Indicator / Job Compatibility Assessment

Combing the Power of Knowing One's Personal Style and How This Relates to Work Preferences

The dimensions of personal style have implications for assisting people in
understanding themselves in working environments.

The Job Style Indicator was based on recognizing that preferential differences, according to personal style, are essential in helping people understand themselves in relation to the world of work. The assumptions regarding personal style and work preferences are as follows:

  • Each personal style dimension reflects an individual’s preference for attending to one primary aspect of the work environment. It is important to note that since each individual has some intensity in each of the four dimensions, they also have some preference for each of the aspects of work in relation to dealing with things, data, people, and ideas.


  • No decision about which person to exclude for a particular job should be made based on any one measurement. Since the PSI was not designed to be a psychometric test but to assist learning and communication, it should never be used as a screening tool (to exclude candidates). Throughout the personnel process, the PSI and the JSI provide a common language for the employer and employee to describe personal style preferences and behavioural tendencies on the job. A common and precise language promotes clarity of communication and provides a structured opportunity for mutual understanding. The PSI should not be used as a substitute for aptitude, skills, or interest testing but could acceptably be used in conjunction with other assessment devices to provide the frequently missing element of the applicant’s self-perception of his or her own qualities and/or the qualities required to fulfill a position. Therefore, this could be used to determine suitable occupation options, training options, and accommodated roles with current employers.

Job Compatibility: About
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