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In today’s labour market, the competition is growing by the day. Between company lay-offs and a steady rise of recent post-secondary graduates, people are finding it harder and harder to secure employment. Many will turn to community employment supports, and still find themselves sitting on a list, and in competition. Others will walk the streets looking for any opportunity, and others will simply give up on their dreams and aspirations feeling helpless and alone.


Too many Individuals are getting frustrated and are left feeling defeated. As a leading job developer and certified resume/employment strategist, I know what it takes to capture the attention of the employers and I can show you how. With a wealth of knowledge and a great deal of time invested into researching and understanding the labour market we can help clients align their unique value propositions with the needs and expectations of the employers hiring today; escalating what you have to offer the employers.


An undeniable passion for building qualifying marketing brochures (resumes/cover letters/supporting documentations) geared to employer hiring needs comes through in the resumes and cover letters produced. We have a personal mission to help others identify the ways in which they can fill labour market hiring needs. We take ordinary resumes and cover letter and lead clients to success and to significance, bringing them to the top of the “pile” and landing them more interviews.

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I have known Lee-Anne for the last ten years and I recently had the opportunity to be a recipient of her impeccable work.  A job posting came available that I was interested in and because I had been at my place of employment for over thirteen years I knew I needed an updated resume and quickly. 


Lee-Anne took the time to research the job posting I was applying for and pulled all the right information from me to provide me with an incredibly professional and amazing resume and cover letter to accompany it.  I could not be more pleased with her work and would highly recommend her services.


J. Geisler

Lee-Anne definitely added magic to my resume and helped me land a few interviews. I had applied for many jobs in previous year with the resume I wrote and never even qualified for an interview. I found out that writing resumes should be left to the experts and that Lee-Anne definitely is. She wrote my resume and cover letter in a few short days working around my busy life she was always very professional and responsive through the whole process and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to succeed in their career."


N. Cozac

Lee-Anne is a “wordsmith”.  Creating a resume with my experience and her words I am motivated and confident going for the job that I want. 


C. Giesbrecht

I approached Geseron Employment Consulting because I was trying to secure an intermediate level position with minimal experience. Lee-Anne helped me to work through my previous work experience and find relevant transferable skills that matched the new field I was trying to break into. The result was an interview with my dream company and the ability to counter-offer for a position due to my newly found professional confidence. I found the experience very enlightening as it allowed me to learn how to really match what the employer was looking for instead of handing out the same generic resume.


Lee-Anne is amazing at finding the true needs of an employer and offering you as the solution to their problems. I would recommend Geseron Employment Consulting to anyone who is looking to change fields or return to work, her insight to the labour market is incomparable.  



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