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As Work Transition Specialists, Vocational Rehabilitation Specialists and Job Placement Specialists we have a common goal of assisting individuals in gaining suitable and meaningful employment.


As Employment Specialists, you perform complex professional work in the consultation and monitoring of individual cases, including; guidance and counseling, client training, and job placement plans. Additional responsibilities include evaluating client work capacities, providing assistive and accommodating services and administering tests to determine vocational aptitudes, interests, abilities, potential, and so much more.  


Once a suitable occupation, and/or vocational goal develops, it is time to determine next steps. Many will require Job Search Training. Employment Placement & Retention Services; and some may simply require a strategic cover letter and resume.


This is where we can help you…


Whether the worker/client is making a career change, has limited experience or is fresh out of training they will require marketing brochures that will highlight abilities, competencies, skills, credentials, proficiencies, etc.


As the competition grows among the labour market pool, strategic resume/letter writing has become an important step in landing candidates at the top of the pile and securing an interview. Our aim is to assist you and your workers/clients in filling this very crucial step in the employment services process, with a goal of displaying an individual’s unique value proposition and branding them as a contender in filling labour market hiring needs.


We want to help you see the triumph driven from all your great work and dedication towards your client’ success.


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For Job Development Managers:


As the Employment Supports Industry grows so to does the need to go beyond the theories and into best practices. Trust, value and branding are vital to capitalize on building a marketing campaign that accurately represents the clients you serve and the mission of your organization.


With a wealth of knowledge and a great deal of time invested into researching and understanding the labour market we help job developers and employment support specialists align unique value propositions with the needs and expectations of the employers hiring today; escalating what you have to offer the employers and the clients you serve; while consistently delivering quality services with integrity and dedication.


All too often, we hear employers say, “It’s hard to find good help.” Fortunately, we endeavour to highlight the job developer’s skills, setting them up as resourceful, goal-oriented, and compassionate professionals dedicated to the provision of quality career services and teach them to bridge the gap between a pool of candidates seeking employment and employers with no quality leads.  With a passion to support employment service organizations we aim to leave no stone unturned.


Through a hands-on and virtual approach to job development training, we take theory to practice while answering the top 10 questions on every job developers mind.


We are Virtual:


Utilizing top virtual classroom platforms, we are bringing information to your clients and staff through this easy to use system allowing for instruction, collaboration and consistent engagement without the hassle of setting up meeting rooms, hotel accommodations, food expenses and travel. 


Public Speaking Engagements:


Lee-Anne is an up and coming, dynamic and resourceful instructor, offering powerful learning opportunities. Through her balanced skill set she capably delivers academic and professional courses. Lee-Anne demonstrates excellent interpersonal skills across all levels of instruction and has been regarded for her innovative and motivational teaching strategies. Backed with a Bachelor Degree in Social Studies and Teacher Education she has a style that allows others to not only feel motivated but empowered. *Hidden Page…outlining workshops?


Some of the workshops we offer:

 All workshops are offered virtually or live facilitation.


  • Labour Market Preparation,

  • Job Development Training,

  • Strategic Decision Making,

  • Building Trusting Relationships,

  • Personality Style Indicators,

  • Values Indicator

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